Sunday, June 7, 2009

end of the road

you wanted this to happen. dont lie.
you saw this will happen. dont deny.
you kept ignoring.
you kept on laughing.
you kept it to yourself.
it seems this is the end now, compel
there is nothing both of us can do.
welcome to the end of the road.

Friday, October 3, 2008

had a wonderful raya yesterday. not as exciting as before when i was a kid. i only manage to accumulate a total of 5 + angpao yg ayang bagi yg alom bebuka. i envy the kids, they are the ones who enjoy raya the fullest.
went to ayang's home yesterday. nervous ya. malu ya. takut ya. nampak kiyot.

not going out today. sakit parut ku.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Selamat idul pitri

selamat hari raya di ucapkan kepada:

semua teman-teman, sanak saudara, keluarga-keluarga jauh dan berdekatan, umat islam seluruh dunia, kucing-kucing, ikan-ikan di laut dan di sungai, kadai2 mancing sluruh negara, para2 pemain hattrick dan footstar, pemain2 manchester united, pemain2 AAB Aalborg, pemain2 liverpool, chelsea, arsenal, newcastle, joe kinnear, sam allardyce, jose mourinho, avram grant, abramovich, si pembeli man city, thaksin shinawatra, haji kilali, haji saban, haji mandan, haji danile, utik2 senegara dan serantau, si pemmbuat jalan setia pahlawan, ketua daerah belait, penghuni tingkat 2 rumah ayang, tukang masak restoran seri mahabbah, kok kee, agus dari alladin, van nistelrooy, david beckham, imam makkah, imam madinah, chancellor UBD, principal Tahfiz, ustaz Asep, tukang gunting ku si Prem Komar.

terutama sekali kepada kekasih hati saya:


selamat idul fitri

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

raya lusa!

entah kenapa. samaada teropong nada maintainence atau si peneropong tersalah teropong, bertahun tahun sudah nada sabit kelihatan bulan di sini ani. rindu jua hati kan mendangar..

"anak bulan syawal telah sabit kelihatan..."


sampat mancing kah ni lagi?

"si payau..."

i am obliged by a familial tradition, to perform annual cemetery visit to honor my ancestors, during Ramadhan. i think it was about two years ago that i began to notice the actual name of the graveyard, after they erected the signboard of the graveyard.

it is written in classic sanskrit that says; "tanah perkuburan islam kas payau bla bla bla"

this is an imitation of the used to be the old hiking trail that leads to the top of the hill where the graves are located. it was like this in the old days. aku ampit tu.

now, there are stairs possibly 100 steps up, it is built 10 years ago or so.

as claimed by my dad "banyak daholu ni kubo-kubo lama di sini ane. mala hujan, tanah untuh kebawah habis ditimbusnya kubo-kubo lama di sini ane." kubur lama di kubur lagi.

im not kidding you but the picture above is not an ordinary tree root popping out of the ground, no, it is a very old and ancient tombstone possibly hundreds of years old. as my father said, people back then, were poor and they were not that sophisticated and rich enough to buy expensive stones to mark their graves.

remember the name of the graveyard? well, this particular grave is the grave of "si payau" hence the name of the graveyard. the guy's name is payau and he was among the first to be buried here.

kedayan's names are not lavish compared to the normal bruneian malays. they do have meaning but mostly comprosed of animistic and natural derivations. it comes with the tradition. oh, by the way, this is a kedayan's graveyard. hehe.

it is always good to visit the cemetery. i feel at home here. why? it reminds me of my past. my history. my traditions. most importantly, my family.

the infamous Metis's Puffer. his first and only catch ever. gambar ini tidak ada kena mengena dengan post ini. hanya sekadar ibunan semata mata.

selamat hari raya semua terutama sekali ayang yg sedang sibuk buat kek! :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

"lets go to tutong..."

out of the blue i felt like i wanted to do some fishing. i had to fulfill that particular burning desire, to go fish. so, i thought it would be better if i would try a new place to do it, and so i said to myself, why not try it at tutong.

there are not many places that i know of when it comes to a comfortable fishing spot in tutong. the only fishing spot that i know of is at Danau (Ujong Tanjong) and it is not very accomodating place. because im a night angler and i despises the heat, i am already accustomed to fish in the dark. but this is not always the case if you are fishing at Danau.

You are in a middle of a forest, trees stand high, shielding you from even a tiny speck of light. you need to carry a personal lighting accessories if you need to survive. the terrain is not that so helpful either. slippery rocks, thick beach sand, and not to forget, the ever so despicable sandflies.

no, im not complaining.

zo.. last night, i brought danial to fish with me at tutong river just in front of the pekan. quite a nice place. very comfortable. lightings good. the banks are developed and the railings made it easier to set up our rods. the water was not that pleasing though. murky dark water. similar to that of a lake's. yes my friend, this river is infested with crocodiles.

zo.. the first hour passed i caught myself a Badukang. very pleasing, considering that i havent caught anything in 2 months. it put up a very nasty fight though. it was a shame that it was only a badukang. one good thing about badukang is, that it will never stop smiling :)

zo.. couple of hours later we moved to a different spot just next to the wetmarket. yes, we caught nothing in the process. our shrimps kept on losing their noses everytime we reeled in. i never experienced this kind of a phenomena before. ive seen shrimps losing their heads, legs, tails, eyes but not their noses. this is yet to be explained.

demotivated and frustrated we decided to get some meal for sahur. yes, ladies and gentlemen, tutong is not that bad, ada kadai makan kali ah. its name is RESTAURANT ENGAL (+6733455662 FOR CATERING AND SERVICES (NOT RECOMMENDED)), located just a few yards outside the town. they serve shitty ice jagung but passable ayam penyet. thats all i have to say.

after we had our meal, we went to have a look at Pantai Seri Kenangan. it was dark at the beach and it was kinda seram. so i kept on driving straight on the road along the beach for a little venture. it seems that my decision paid off and we got ourselves a decent fishing spot! here take a look!

below,the place is special, it is a used dry dock for world war 2 british ships. it looks scary and fragile as the floor is cracking up here and there. there are a few rusting World War grenades and hundreds of bullet housing scattered all over. sorry, i just made that up

there will be no conclusion for this post. AMEN

Sunday, September 28, 2008

gerenti kamu nda pandai ni!

sorry lama na update. aku sengaja. k, peace.